General Settings

  • Load Pages With Ajax - When navigate loads the target content without reloading the current page.
  • Back To Home Page Caption - The caption of the button displayed on every page returning to the home or other url. Leave the field empty if you do not want this button shown.
  • Back To Home Page Url - Return to home page or other url.
  • Back To Top Of The Page Caption - The caption of the button displayed on every page returning to the top of the page.
  • Enable Smooth Scrolling - Enable or disable smooth vertical scrolling.
  • Enable Page Preloader - Enable preloader mask while the page is loading.
  • Space before Head - Custom code to be added before the end of header tag [/head]

Header Options

Select the logo displayed in the header.

  • Header Logo – Upload your logo to be displayed at the left side of the header menu.
  • Header Logo Light – Light logo displayed on dark backgrounds.

Footer Options

Settings concerning the footer such as social links and copyright text.

  • Copyright text - any html content (usually a copyright text) displayed in the copyright section.
  • Footer slogan - slogan text displayed next to copyright.
  • Social Links Prefix Text - you can enter here a text preceding the social links. For example "Follow us on"
  • Social Links - a set of social icons and URLs to the social or networking sites which are displayed in the footer

Portfolio Options

Settings concerning the portfolio section or portfolio pages.

  • Custom slug - if you want your portfolio post type to have a custom slug in the url. You will still have to refresh your permalinks after saving this!
    This is done by going to Settings » Permalinks and clicking save
  • View Project Caption - the caption the link to project page displayed when you hover the portfolio item thumbnail.
  • View Filters Caption - the caption of the button which activates portfolio category filters. Displayed in portfolio and portfolio mixed templates.
  • Filters Caption - short description displayed in the filters overlay. Displayed in portfolio and portfolio mixed templates.
  • Share Caption - the caption(tooltip) of the share button in individual project pages.
  • Next Project Caption - caption of the next project navigation.
  • Portfolio Items Navigation Order - chronological direction in which portfolio navigation moves forward.

Blog Options

  • Excerpt or Full Blog Content - Show excerpt or full blog content on archive / blog pages.
  • Excerpt Length - input the number of words you want to cut from the content to be the excerpt.
  • Read More Button Caption - the caption of the button displayed underneath each blog post in blog and archive pages.
  • Show Search Form In Blog Pages – Shows the search form in blog template pages allowing you to search through blog posts.
  • Next Post Caption - caption of the bottom navigation button linking to the next single blog post page.
  • Default Posts Page Title – Title of the default blog posts page. The default blog posts page is the page displaying blog posts when there is no front page set in Settings » Reading.

Typography Options

Aruba comes with Google font library

  • Body Font - font size, line height, font weight
  • Headings Font - H1, H2, H3, ... and other title elements

Map Options

  • Map marker - an image file for the map marker.
  • Google map address - street address or latitude and longitude.
  • Map zoom level
  • Pop-up marker title and text
  • Map type - road or satellite
  • Google Maps API Key - Without it, the map may not be displayed. If you have an api key paste it here. More information on how to obtain a google maps api key:

Error Page Options

  • The title displayed in the error (404) page
  • Error Message
  • Back Button caption - the message displayed with the 'Back to website' button.
  • Back Button URL - url of the home website.

Import/Export Options

Section helping you with backup options

  • Imports, saves or restores your theme options
  • Import or export theme options from text, file or url