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Theme features:


Note : In order for SimpleHosting to function properly it is needed for some permissions to be setted on some folders (see the end of this document)

Now back to begining.

I assume you have your own WordPress installation ready , so here is what you have to do next.

1. You can install the template manually by copying the content to /wp-content/themes folder on your server

2. . Wordpress upload navigate to Appearance > Install Themes > Upload. Upload the .zip file provided, go to Mangage Themes > Available Themes, and Activate.

If you did it correctly it should look like that.

Also install the awesome plugin Revolution Slider V2 , and Ztwitter plugin from .zip file.

Theme Option

Theme Option

You can acces theme option on custom admin pannel named - Simple Hosting, right under Dashboard Menu

Here are the available menus.

Lets take the options step by step.

1. General settings

Pretty Photo settings - here you cand modify option for photo gallery (options are selfexplanatory)

Social media accounts - here you can enable / disable the social icons from main sidebar footer , and edit the asocitaed links.

Custom website color : here you can modify the secondary color of template, chose you color with color picker, or insert the #hex of color, don forget to check the Update color on save option. (Note the default color is fc4c03)

Favicon : on - off

Copyright text : customize your copyright text, which appears near social icons.

2. Custom Hosting

Custom hosting page template: Template that allows visitor to configure a custom package. Settings of this page can be set trough admin (Simple Hosting -> Custom Hosting). Here you can add new items, change order, change base price, change options name/price. After making changes click on “Save Settings” and you`re done.

3. Hosting Package Fields

Hosting package fileds - here are the fields for default package / tables , you can add / remove fileds directly. also here are some more info on each package.

Personal hosting packages list: Page with table of “personal hosting” packages. You can define package attribute names on Admin -> Simple Hosting -> Hosting Package fields. When you add a new Personal package (or edit existing one) you will find on right side (if you didn`t change order), a metabox called “Package Options”. On this metabox you will set all details of the package that will be visible on frontend.

Reseller hosting packages list: Page with table of “reseller hosting” packages. You can define package attribute names on Admin -> Simple Hosting -> Hosting Package fields. When you add a new Reseller package (or edit existing one) you will find on right side (if you didn`t change order), a metabox called “Package Options”. On this metabox you will set all details of the package that will be visible on frontend.

VPS Packages list: Page with grid containing blocks with VPS package details. You can define package attribute names on Admin -> Simple Hosting -> Hosting Package fields. When you add a new VPS package (or edit existing one) you will find on right side (if you didn`t change order), a metabox called “Package Options”. On this metabox you will set all details of the package that will be visible on frontend.

4. Contact Page

Contact page with map: Contact page with google map inside. You can edit map settings, upload custom marker, and target email within admin panel.

5. Invoicing

Here you can setup up your invoicing details, also you can add custom field for order details.

6. Domain Pricing

Last option if for setting the domain extension and price, for domain page template.

More Features

Here a short explication of other features.

1. Orders

From here you can manage all invoices made, alos you can view / open / delete / set paid any invoice.

2. Vps / Personal /Reseller /

From here you can add / delete packages with the field you setted in Admin > Hosting Package Fields - note (up to 5 packages for Personal and Resseler)

3. Gallery / Portofolio

Here you can choose / images for gallery..

4. Features

Here you cand add features for Feature page template , and choose the apropiate icon , using the List icon Type option. shold look something like this.

Now that we reviewed the main features of this theme , we will have a short guide on how to use this theme.

Getting started

Installing Plugins -- Click for Video.

We have included in this theme two plugins , Revolution Slider 2.0 and ztwitter plugins, you can install them using the standard Word Press 3.5 procedure - just follow the video..

Demo content - Click for Video

To make the instalation, and setup easier we have made a demo content, which can be easily installed using the following steps.

1. Import the setting for custom admin by going to SH - Settings Pannel - Import / Export settings - and paste the text from settings.txt file (included in .zip file)

2. Upload the images, from .zip file using the media uploader.

3. Import the .xml file (content) by going to Tools > Import > Wordpress (install the plugin if you dont have it installed), and upload and import the .xml file.

4. Activate permalinks as described in documentation.

Note, you have to manually create the main slider, using the demo images provided, and populate the sidebars with widgets.

Setting up the static homepage with slider -- Click for Video

First you have to create a basic page, and select page template named "Home Page Template with slider ". Now you can fill it with your content and publish, also for creating the homepage slider like in demo , navigate to Revolution Slider Menu, and create a slide with alias main - this will be diplayed automatically on home page with slider template.. After that, go to Home >Settings>Reading and in the Front page displays choose A static page, then select your just created page.Also set up the permalinks, from Home > Settings > Permalinks , choose Post name.

Setting slider

This theme use the amazing Revolution Slider by themepunch and gives you opportunity to create amazing animated slides from images and videos. You can configure all option in Revolution Slider Menu, also tooltips are there to make option easier to be understood.

After pressing the "Create New Slider" button you will reach a form where you are asked to enter a Slider Title (used for the Slider overview in this backend) and a Slider Alias use Main for Home Page slider (a slug that is used to implement the Slider in your WP later, so keep it simple with no spaces and special chars).

The options in the boxes on the right side (General Settings, Position, Appearance, Navigation, Thumbnails) have helping Tooltips on mouseover so they are not explained here.

The Slider Type can be fixed (not responsive, fix dimensions), responsive (changes depending on the size of its max. sizes given later in relation to the screen size) or fullwidth (always 100% in width of the screen size, but height keeping the aspect ratio).

The Sizes section is needed to fit the slider in all screen sizes needed. The height of the slider will always be calculated to keep the aspect ratio from the max width and height given in the Slider Size line.



Creating Slides

The next step is creating/editing slides. You get there by just clicking on "Edit Slides" in the Slider Form window.

Just press "New Slide" and the native WP Media Upload dialog window will appear. Choose or Upload the slide's background image, choose "Full Size" and then "Insert Into Post" (all like you are used to it in your WP editor). You can always click on the pic to change it.

Use the arrow handles on the right side to change the slides position in the slider (top to bottom = first to last slide to be shown) or delete it with the "Delete" button.

The "Edit Slide" leads you to the next chapter "Slide".

Slide and Layers

In the "Edit Slide" view you see the heart of our plugin. The drag&drop Caption editor.

But first please note that you have another chance here to change the background image with the "Change Image" button.

To create a Layer (Caption, Image or Video) press the button "Add Layer" or "Add Layer: Image". In case of a text layer a basic layer will be created you can use the "Text" field in the Layer Params to change the caption on it. The "Style" selectbox shows some basic styles (CSS classes) you can use to style the caption (you can always add own CSS classes to this field or edit the existing ones via the "Edit CSS File").

In case of an Image Layer you will see the native WP Media Uploader again. In case of a Video Layer you will prompted to a custom Video selection wizard.

You now can move the Layers around via drag&drop or type in the x and y coordinate in the corresponding fields.

The "Layers Sorting" drag&drop list determines the Layers' z-index. This list specifies the stack order of an element.

An element with greater stack order is always in front of an element with a lower stack order.

Adding your slides to theme

There are three ways to include the Slider in your Theme:

From the theme html/php use:
<?php putRevSlider( id or "alias" ) ?> - Example:

<?php putRevSlider("example1"); ?>

From the widgets panel:
Drag the "Revolution Slider" widget to the desired sidebar

From the post editor:
Insert the shortcode from the sliders table - Example: 

[rev_slider example1]


Creating Hosting Packages Pages and Tables -- Click for video

Creating Packages for hosting is very simple :

  1. Define your VAT, and curency option in SH admin,
  2. Create your Package fields in SH Admin > Hosting Packages fields > Save settings
  3. Create your Package tables, by going to Apropiate Menu > Add new Package > Name package > Fill values > Publish.
  4. Create Page with apropiate Template (Personal packages will be displayed on page with personal hosting template, and so on)

Creating Custom Hosting Page -- Click for video

Custom Hosting allows you to create a package which is best suited to your need, here are the step neede for setup.

  1. Define your VAT, and curency option in SH admin,
  2. Create your "steps" for each field in SH Admin ->Custom Hosting -> Save settings (the ideea is simple to each step you add, you assign a value, so can make different combination based on steps on each fields - from the screencast we'll be easier to follow)
  3. Create a page with apropiate template (Custom Hosting) - and Custom Hosting pannel, will be displayed there.

Create Contact Page -- Click for video

First you need to fill the apropiate fields by going to SH Admin > Contact Page , most option are selfexplanatory, then create a page using Contact page with Map template.

Create mandatory cart and invoice pages - Click for Video

For invoicing system to work properly you need to create a Cart page, with cart permalink, and cart template, and a Invoice page with invoice-details permanilnk and Invoice Handler Template. This pages are neede in order to display the cart and invoice content.

Create a "Feature Page" using custom post types - Click for video

Go to Features Menu , and add desired Feature, you can choose from availabe icons on the righ side. This feature cand be displayed on any page, using the [features] shortcode.

Setting up Menus

You can create menus, by going to Appearance > Menus and you will see a panel where you can create new menus and submenus. Create one, add your created pages to it (from the left side panels) dont forget to save it.


Now going further.

Adding Content : Posts, Pages and Portfolio


Creating post is very easy, just go to Post > Add new , and create your posts nothing fancy here, also you can add widgets on blog sidebar, by going to Appearance > Widgets , and populate the News Sidebard with available widgets.


You have many template to choose from, here is a template list as they appear in Page Attributes

Template name


Default Template

Default for blog

Cart Template

Used for Shopping Cart

Contact Page with Map

Contact page, with form and Google Map

Content with sidebar - left


Content wihout sidebar


Custom hosting page template

Hosting template

Domain search page template

Template for Domain search page

Gallery Page

Template for Portofolio

Home Page Template with slider

Main Page template

Invoice Handler

Invoice Template for invoices.

Personal Hosting Package list

Hosting template

Resseller Hosting Package list

Hosting template

Vps Package List

Hosting template




Moving further


Here are the shortcodes, and syntax for getting your content pretty :

Block of text:

<blockquote> Put Your content here</blockquote>


[tabs] [tab title="Your title"] Your content here [/tab][/tabs]


[accordion][item title="Your Title"]Your content here[/item][/accordion]

Notification box

[notify title="Here Comes The Headline" url="http://google.ro"]


[button]This is an orange button[/button]
[button ico="yes"]Orange button with icon[/button]
[button type="gray"]This is a gray button[/button]
[button type="gray" ico="yes"]Gray button with icon[/button]

Attention boxes

[message type="error"]Error. Please fill in all the fields required.[/message]
[message type="warn"]Warning. Change this and that and try again.[/message]
[message type="notice"]Notice. Please edit the information below.[/message]
[message type="success"]Success. You did it, now relax and enjoy it.[/message]

Columns shortcode

Your content goes here.....[/one_sixth][one_sixth]
Your content goes here.....[/one_sixth][one_sixth]
Your content goes here.....[/one_sixth][one_sixth]
Your content goes here.....[/one_sixth][one_sixth]
Your content goes here.....[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last]
Your content goes here.....[/one_sixth_last]



For activating the widgets, go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag the needed widget to the apropiate sidebar. Apart from standard widgets, you will noticed the ztwitter widget, for twiiter feeds,revolution slider for slides, and also the search, tag cloud widgets have been customized to suit the template design.

zTwitter setup.

Activate the plugin, and we will see a new widget available. Drag this widget on desired sidebar, and input your twitter name. You can also select different templates, and adjust many paramters directly from here and add custom CSS if needed.

PSD Files

In this packages are included the relevant PSD files, for further customisation if needed.

Further documentation

The complete documentation for Revolution Slider, and zTwitter is included in zip file, here you only and extract from original documentation for basic setup.

Important Note


You need to set permission for writing for the following files / foolders.

color.css - located in simple-hosting/dynamic foolder - needed for secondary color changes.

invoices folder - located in simple-hosting/sh - needed for invoice generating / display / printing, etc.

Also you need to have the pages for cart / invoice / invoice details using their respective template and with the apropiate permalink ("cart" and "invoice-details")



This theme use 6 Script files:

Fonts - @FontFace

We used this font

Thank you...

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. Just contact me via email at fgpatrick2002@gmail.com, or open a ticket on Ticksy Please rate this theme!

Patrick Fusariu - ClaPat Studio